What Is Coming Between You and Cell Phone Signal?

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 10.42.16 AM

According to Pew Research, some 88% of American adults have cell phones, and, of those cell owners 72% experience dropped calls at least occasionally. Are you one of the people that stay in one place within your home to ensure your cell signal doesn’t go out?

Both natural and man-made objects weaken the strength of cell phone signals. Here are nine common things that can affect your indoor cell phone signal that we feature in our Tips, Tools & Tech – Guide For Staying Connected, Organized and Entertained:

1. Green building materials

2. Heavy foliage in the warm months

3. Hills and mountains, valleys

4. Adjacent tall buildings

5. Metal roofs and/or Metal-backed insulation

6. Distance from cell tower

7. Basements below ground, hard for signal to penetrate

8. Thick building construction

9. New low-energy or energy-savings windows block or weaken signal

To view the full article and find out how you can ensure signal throughout your home, office and on-the-go, visit the zBoost’s Tips, Tools & Tech guide: http://customdigital.cepro.com/publication/?i=163495

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