Check Out zBoost on Gadget Review

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The zBoost SOHO unit has done it again….transferring a signal challenged home office into a productive workspace with cell signal! Gadget Review takes us through the process of setting up the unit with a work from home professional who states his phone is his business’ “lifeblood”. Check out an a portion of the great review below:

Jerry stood by the desk and showed me the 1 bar that he had been living with. Walking around the room only brought up another bar when we got closer to the windows. I looked at my iPhone and its reception strength mirrored his. He went back to his desk and I went over to the base unit and plugged the power in. I went back to Jerry and he moved his phone in a small arc and showed me the 4 bars he was now getting. I accompanied him as we walked around the room and repeated what he had done, only with my own phone and got the same results.

We hung out in his office for the afternoon and the phone reception stayed high– he placed a few calls and told me that he hadn’t been able to hear or be heard as clearly before. I verified this by getting in my car and driving about a mile away before pulling over to give him a call. I could now hear him fine. I could also stop at In-N-Out Burger and bring back some burgers and fries and have him pay for them. After all, I had been the one who had brought the SOHO YX545 over.

To view review in full visit:

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