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Mommy Blog: Zazoo Kids Alarm Clock

As a mom to a 4 year old and 18 month old, sleep is a precious commodity in our house. Now our daughter can’t get out of the crib …yet so she is there until we go to get her but our 4 year old on the other hand has his moments. For the most part both are amazing sleepers but he goes through spells of getting up and since he can’t tell time just yet he goes by whether it is dark or light or a potty call or he “got scared Mommy”.  This alarm clock sounds like the perfect gift for him.   Maybe it will work and maybe not but I think a few extra minutes of sleep are worth the cost.

Mommy Blog: A Mommy and Her DROID

I have had my DROID for a few months and must say that I am a big fan. Even now that Verizon has the iPhone I am not ready to make the jump – we will see if I can hold out once there is an LTE version but for now I am working on making the most of my DROID.  My four year old son asks Daddy and his nanny all the time why they don’t have a swipe phone like Mommy. He wonders why they still have a Backberry (Blackberry). He tells them they just aren’t as cool as Mommy 🙂

I am always looking for new apps to help me with work and the family. I found this article on apps for Mommy Entrepreneurs and decided to give a few a try.

Here is a link to the full article:

Here are the highlights of the ones my crew is going to check out!

Dinner At My Place – What do you do when you find yourself at the store and don’t know what to make for dinner? Fire up Dinner At My Place, choose a recipe and it spits out the shopping list while you are standing there. LOVE it.

Pro Zoom Camera 5x – Replaces the default camera app on the droid with something that takes MUCH better pictures. So the next time you are at your child’s field trip and you forgot your camera, the Pro Zoom Camera 5x will do the trick. Handy for uploading business pics to Twitter and Facebook too.

TSCamcorder – A far superior replacement for  the default video app on your phone so you can catch that impromptu concert or shoot an on the fly video for your blog.

Key Ring – Hate hauling all those loyalty cards around in your wallet or on your key ring? Me too. Thanks to Key Ring now they are all scanned and at my fingertips whenever I need them

I have to say I am pretty excited about the camera and camcorder. My son will be excited to that we can get better bideo (video) for him to watch on his phone. Check back in a few weeks and see how these apps are working for me!

Mommy Blog: iTots – I Have One Do You?

Joe Brier for USA TODAY

It is nice to know that I am not alone and that now they too are branded with their very own i – iTot that is!   I can 100 percent relate to the recent USA Today article on iTots.

“Call them iTots. Wunderkind of the 21st century. One-, 2- and 3- year-olds who know their way around an iPhone or an iPad better than you do.Some start waving their pudgy little hands over those glowing screens before their first birthday. Think 6 months.Kids aren’t dreaming of a white Christmas anymore. Sleds? Trains? Front teeth? Surely you jest. All they want for Christmas are two new apps. They also want their own iPad.”I guess my kids are actually aTots (Android Tots).  After making the move from a Blackberry to an Andriod, my  three year old now tells us that he is planning to tell Ho Ho (Santa) he needs a “touch phone.” It is amazing how quickly they learn to use new devices. He could already text GiGi on my blackberry (not that it made sense to anyone but him) and post pictures to Facebook (I don’t think it can be accident once they have done it more than a few times) but now he is ready to try out Mommy’s new “touch phone.” 

This article from USA Today give some good insight into the iTot.

Mommy Blog: Daily Candy and Social Toddler

One of my favorite parts of my days is seeing what Daily Candy has in store for me!  I subscribe to several of their newsletters including Daily Candy Kids. Just this morning I was welcomed with information on Social Toddler.

Here is what Daily Candy had to say about Social Toddler.
“As soon as baby’s born, you’re thrust into a new world of mom dates, er, playdates. Let Social Toddler become your command central. Search for local playgroups to join or set up a private channel for your own mommy group. Plan events, post pictures, ask your new mom friends questions about tummy time and sleep training — all in one self-contained spot. Plus, the events calendar lets you search for classes and activities in your neighborhood — making your baby the busiest on the block.”

I found that while still in beta, the site has some interesting opportunities.  While there are not a lot of events on the site yet for Atlanta and I only found one playgroup in the area, I really liked the experts section and one of my favorite experts is Christie Schultz their career expert. Her most recent blog post ” Collaboration 101 for Entrepreneurial Moms: Part 1.” I found this a very interesting blog post:

 I am looking forward to seeing how the site evolves in the coming weeks!

Mommy Blog: Back to School

Did you know that American consumers will spend an estimated $2.6 billion for back-to-school supplies this fall.  The list of back to school must haves is becoming more and more technology focused.  I can only imagine what will be on my kids lists when they start school in a few years – Carter recently told me he needed a real laptop and a small one like Daddy’s not a big one like Mommy’s. ReadWriteWeb, a  popular technology blogs in the world known for offering insightful analysis about each day’s Internet industry news, recently survey educators to find the one new tech tool they are most looking forward to taking into the classroom with them this fall. Following are the top five:

1.    iPad
2.    Twitter
3.    Google Apps for Education
4.    Blogs
5.    Sharing and Collaboration Tools: 21st Century Teaching and Learning

 Check out the full article here:

Good to know that at 3 1/2 and 10 months, Carter and Reese are already in the top five with their blogs!

 Hope all of the students, teachers and staff have a great start to their school year!

Mommy I need to Go Online….

These are the words I hear from my three year old when he needs to look for something – usually it is related to Thomas, Sesame Street or Wonder Pets and he needs GiGi, Nana, Ho Ho (Santa) or “that bunny” (the Easter Bunny) to buy it for him. It started last Christmas with him telling me “Mommy I need to online on your waptop (laptop) to look at some Thomas the trains.” Did I mention that he is three??

According to a recent Pew Research report , he is like many Americans who are now accessing the Internet on their laptop and mobile devices.   The study found that 6 in 10 Americans are going online wirelessly with their laptop or cell phone.  It is amazing how quickly kids today are learning the role of technology in our lives and how it can make everything accessible – from learning about Big Bird’s Birthday to the words to Dinosaur Train’s theme song.

For those of you who have kids here are Carter’s top five sites to visit online:

  1. – He is a big fan of the videos and playlists
  2. – The present time game is a favorite
  3. – If you ever needed to know the names of dinosaurs that start with each letter of the alphabet you can find it here!
  4. – Just all around fun!
  5. – Another site with great videos!

 You can find the full report on Mobile Access 2010 at