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Inside My Head.. Reviews zBoost Connect

Kelli Avery with Inside My Head had major problems in her home getting good signal.  As she puts it;   “I’m lucky if I get up to 2 bars while I’m sitting inside and whenever any of us get a call we have to do the walk around the house and figure out where it’s gonna decide to work today. It switches all the time. Most times, for important calls, I usually end up outside.”

She decided to try out zBoost Connect in her home and provided the following review.

ZB540 Connect ImageThe zBoost CONNECT ZB540 boosts cell phone signals for voice calls and text for all major carriers.  It captures the reliable cellular signal at an interior window and rebroadcasts it further indoors, so you can enjoy clearer, faster and more reliable service without interruption. And you don’t need roof access or an attic for good performance – just attach the signal antenna to an inside window using the supplied suction cups.

The zBoost CONNECT is worth every penny. I have not had a single lost call, static conversation or eternally long download time in my data performance since the day I installed the signal booster.  I went from no bars in my dead zone to almost 3 full bars!

zBoost CONNECT ZB540 is my new best friend. It’s strangely relaxing knowing your not missing as many calls as you have in the past and quite relieving to know I have added security of my kids, family, school etc etc being able to reach me.

Please read the entire article at http://www.insidemyheadwithkelli.com

Phone Signal In College

There once was was a college student that lived in a shoe. She had no cell signal, and didn’t know what to do.

Well not an actual shoe but it has been called a shoe-box. I just moved into my new loft apartment. One of the perks of this new residence is the location. It is a prime location, downtown and right next to campus. However one of the drawbacks is that my room is only 5 feet high and 5 by 14 feet. And since it is a concrete and brick building and my room lacks windows it also lacks cell phone signal.

I was uncertain on what to do about this predicament since any time I go up to my room I would be shut off from the digital world, and to me that feels like being lost in a deep, dark forest.  Luckily as an intern at Wi-Ex I’m familiar with the zBoost products and was so happy that the zBoost-METRO was being released. My family already has a zBoost Dual Band for home and office but it needs horizontal separation, which would not have worked in my apartment. The zBoost-METRO is perfect for my small loft though because it doesn’t need the horizontal separation and can give me signal!