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zBoost’s Streamlined Installation


Were you one of the lucky ones that received a zBoost cell phone signal booster for the holidays? If so, we thought we’d direct you to our installation page, proving the streamlined process.

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Great DataBlast Review on Big Bruin


The SOHO DataBlast YX550-VLTE-AWS is getting great reviews for boosting 4G signal.  The latest review, from Big Bruin, recieved 4.5 out of 5 stars! Check out a portion of the review below, telling the background story regarding why a product like this comes in use:

“I live 42 miles from the heart of New York City, and despite being one of the most densely populated regions in the country, with millions of wireless subscribers to satisfy, my home happens to be in a dead zone for all of the major operators. The T-mobile and AT&T maps claim there is coverage that they respectively describe as ‘satisfactory’ and ‘moderate’, while Verizon’s coverage map is fairly honest showing a good sized void of coverage over my property. There are some hills and trees which contribute to this situation, but if you position yourself in just the right spot in the backyard you can actually get decent call coverage and strong 4G signal. This doesn’t help if you want to use your phone in or near the house, but it does make a strong case for installing a product like the Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO DataBlast YX550-VLTE-AWS.”

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Win zBoost Units through DIY Network’s The Pegboard Blog

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 9.08.44 AM

Need strong signal in your workshop this spring? Well head over to DIY Network’s  The Pegboard blog  to win one zBoost SOHO YX545 and one zBoost DataBlast YX550 for Verizon customers. These units will work together to increase indoor signal for voice (SOHO YX545)  and 4G speeds (DataBlast YX550).

To see additional details and to enter the giveaway visit the link below. The giveaway runs until April 2nd at 2:00pm ET.


To find additional zBoost units that match your lifestyle visit:


Disappointing! No iPhone 5 for this year

My son and I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 announcement.  He was hoping to get his first iPhone over the summer and I talked him into waiting for the iPhone 5.  I currently have the 3GS and am having serious battery problems and have been holding out as long as possible for the iPhone 5.

There is only one problem, there is no iPhone 5.  Disappointing for sure, but some of the new features, such as the speed and the improved camera are appealing.  Not sure what our next step will be but in case you haven’t read or heard the details, here are some of the specifics from Ben Parr at mashable.com. To see the entire article and pictures go to http://mashable.com/2011/10/04/apple-iphone-4s/#view_as_one_page-gallery_box2585

Apple Announces iPhone 4S

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 4S, the next version of its popular smartphone.

The new iPhone looks much like the iPhone 4, confirming previous reports. It comes with upgraded internals, including the new Apple A5 chip and 1 GB of RAM. Apple VP Phil Schiller revealed that it will be the first iPhone with a dual-core processor and dual-core graphics.  It is “up to seven times faster” than the previous iPhone, he announced.

The device also contains a new antenna system that allows it to switch between two antennas for better sound quality and download speeds. The theoretical max of the iPhone 4S is a whopping 14.4 Mbps down, a vast increase from the iPhone 4′s theoretical max of 5.8 up and 7.2 down.The device also contains a new 8-megapixel camera that can take 3264×2448 images, an increase of 60% from the iPhone 4. It is capable of taking in 73% more light than the iPhone 4 and is 33% faster. It includes a redesigned Image Signal Processor that includes auto-face detection and 26% better white balance. It includes a new f2.4 lens for wider shots as well.


Issues with Cell Networks during Crisis

    Whether it is a medical information, or safety emergency, I want my cell phone close by.   Kennesaw State University, where I am currently a senior, relies on the cell phone network to inform students of pertinent information regarding campus.  For example, last year while sitting through a lecture all of the students phones started to vibrate.  I picked up my phone to see that the university was informing us we were on lockdown due to an escaped convict who had been spotted in one of the university buildings.  This example is only one way that the university system uses cell phones in cases of emergencies.  This is also an example of how we all rely on our cell phones to keep us and others informed.

A time that the cell phone service was overloaded and down was during September 11th in NYC.  As the east coast experienced a 5.9 magnitude earth quake people swarmed the streets and began taking to their cell phones.  Because of the volume of cell traffic, it managed to clog the wireless networks in the Washington D.C. area.  Foxnews reports that this example is a large reminder about not only the shortcomings of our emergency communication, but also the lack of work that has been done to fix this problem.

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/08/24/quake-exposes-cracks-in-cell-phone-coverage-emergency-response/#ixzz1W3iJNuMg

CNN: “New ‘iPhone 4S’ might come to Sprint, T-Mobile”

(CNN) — Maybe the hotly anticipated iPhone 5 won’t be an iPhone 5 at all.

But it might be available on more carriers.

The emerging theory, based on reports from industry analysts, is that the next model of Apple’s smartphone will be called the iPhone 4S and be an update of the current model, not a radical advance.

Multiple sites this weekend were citing a report by Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies & Co.

“According to our industry checks, the device should be called iPhone 4S and include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support,” Misek wrote in a report Friday.

Other analysts have offered similar predictions.

But Misek also wrote that Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile will be added as iPhone carriers, citing more “industry checks.”

The A5 dual-core processor is the same one that’s in the iPad 2. A dual-core processor is considered faster at running two programs at once than the single-core A4 processor in the iPhone 4.

The term “HSPA+ is a reference to high-speed processing. The phone reportedly will not utilize long-term evolution (LTE) technology, which is frequently marketed as 4G coverage.

The reports, and speculation, come as Apple’s traditional iPhone freshen-up approaches.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins June 6. That’s been used as Apple’s launching pad for the latest iPhone the past few years, but Apple has suggested the event will focus almost exclusively on software this year.

The tech-community’s hunch is that a new iPhone will be unveiled in the fall and rolled out in time for the holidays.

INC. Magazine: The World’s Coolest Home Offices

Creative Geometry
Could you work in a stucco-and-wood-frame garage? Working a muted color palette and a floor plan that engages in some creative geometry, architect Philip Tusa transformed this storage area in upstate New York into a sophisticated library and home office.


Bookshelves to Die For
Vertical bookshelves line the walls, and a diagonal staircase leads to a horizontal catwalk overhead. A white translucent pleated shade controls solar glare for the large work surface. The Hudson River Studio was built with a number of recycled materials.
A Treehouse for One
What nature lover (or child-at-heart entrepreneur) wouldn’t want to set up a home office in a treehouse? Sure, this elevated lair in Los Angeles is tiny—170 square feet in all—but it’s efficiently designed, and the deep-oiled cedar siding and mahogany windows are lovely.


Playful Yet Professional
Rockefeller Partners Architects, Christopher Kempel, Rocky Rockefeller, and Brian Pera designed the Banyon Drive Treehouse, which sits 12-feet above the ground. And as for the tree, it is a sturdy pine.
Playing the Angles
Utilizing the foundation and walls from an existing sunroom, this budget-minded Nashville home office rises on angle-bracket shapes. Translucent siding floods the space with warm light during the day, and transmits passive heating while maintaining privacy.
Bright Lights, Little Office
 In designing the Elkins Studio—part of a larger renovation project to the adjacent home—the architect, Ryan Thewes, was careful to create a design that would stand out, while also fitting comfortably in to the surrounding residential neighborhood.