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Happy New Year, Our Top 3 Moments This Year!

Wow, how is 2013 already over? Time flys when you’re having fun! In honor of the great year of 2013 we thought we’d share a few of our favorite moments with you:

Tips, Tools & Tech Guide

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We worked hard in 2013 putting together a guide that would help all of you stay connected, organized and entertained. We hope you enjoyed using it as much as we enjoyed putting it together! If you missed it, check it out here: Tips, Tools & Tech Guide

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4 Things To Know About 4G

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The “fourth generation”, or more commonly known as “4G” technology, is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of everyday life. 4G controls all data on mobile devices, while 2G and 3G control voice.  Knowing the basics of 4G is the first step to understanding what your mobile device requires .

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What Is Coming Between You and Cell Phone Signal?

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According to Pew Research, some 88% of American adults have cell phones, and, of those cell owners 72% experience dropped calls at least occasionally. Are you one of the people that stay in one place within your home to ensure your cell signal doesn’t go out?

Both natural and man-made objects weaken the strength of cell phone signals. Here are nine common things that can affect your indoor cell phone signal that we feature in our Tips, Tools & Tech – Guide For Staying Connected, Organized and Entertained:

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