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Residential Systems: zBoost Trio Soho Cell/Data Booster

Residential Systems, John Sciacca had a great review of the zBoost TRIO SOHO.  John states:

“Ultimately zBoost worked as promised and definitely improved cell reception, but set up and installation are crucial and can be tricky.”

We all have clients married to their cell phones, but they receive spotty reception inside of their zBoost TRIO SOHO ZB575-V kit contentshomes. Whether the home has a metal roof or concrete walls or is just in a fringe area, reception inside many homes is terrible. In fact at my company’s CI showroom, my desk is located in a periodic cell dead spot where the signal just totally drops. A cellular booster is a relatively simple system that consists of an external antenna that grabs a stronger signal and then carries it via coax cabling to an amplifier that boosts the signal for better coverage. While the ZB575 boosts cell signals for all carriers, it is available in specific AT&T and Verizon models to boost 4G LTE data for those carriers.

Antenna positioning is critical. In fact, positioning the antenna is the single most important thing in the entire install. Fortunately there are a variety of tools to help with this. iPhone users can dial *3001#12345#* and then press “call,” which places the iPhone into field test mode and measures signal strength in dB–a far finer measurement than the five bars. (Android signal strength is found under Settings – About Phone and then either under Network or Status depending on the model.) Now you can walk around and locate the strongest (lowest –dB rating) signal.

Please read the entire review at http://www.residentialsystems.com/new-products/0019/zboost-trio-soho-cell/data-booster/86111
zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up OverviewzBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview

The Most Powerful Cellular Signal Booster Yet: zBoost’s ZB575-A

TrulyGadgets.com just reviewed zBoost TRIO SOHO!

“It’s getting easier and easier to rely on your smartphone for so many of your everyday tasks. They are getting large enough to be similar to tablets, offering processors and graphics capable of competing head-to-head with last generation video game consoles or fairly recent laptops, and the battery life and screens are decent enough. You could almost cut another cord- your internet- and save some money if you have a large or unlimited data plan. Simply use your mobile and share it as a hotspot, especially if you are reliant on satellite or in an area with poor or expensive ISPs. But there’s a catch- you’ll need cellular signal.”New zBoost TRIO ZB575- Image
“And that’s where a booster comes in, like the new zBoost ZB575-A Trio SOHO, which we first heard about at CES earlier this year and is now making it’s way to consumers. We’ve seen several previous zBoost models, large and small, and always found them easy to use and consistent, though they do rely on antennas that can require a bit of work to set up, adjust, and optimize. This one is their newest tri-band model, capable of not only boosting your calls, but internet as well though it is constrained to specific carriers. Ours was built for use with AT&T and helped with 4G LTE, CEL (800 MHz) and PCS (1900 MHz). Verizon versions are available too, and they look and function pretty much identically (and similar to older models as well).”

Please see the entire review at TrulyGadgets.com  http://www.trulygadgets.com/6411/gadgets/powerful-cellular-signal-booster-yet-zboosts-zb575-a/

Connected Living Made Easier with the Award-Winning zBoost TRIO™, A Cell Phone Voice and Data Signal Booster

The zBoost TRIO, now shipping, helps make Connected Living a reality by increasing indoor cell phone signal.

The zBoost TRIO, now shipping, helps make Connected Living a reality by increasing indoor cell phone signal.

zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview

zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview

The Connected Life, propelled by smartphones and other devices that rely on cell phone signals, brings together video, voice, and data services to help keep consumers entertained and organized. The zBoost TRIO boosts indoor cell phone signal for the 77 percent of cell phone users who experience slow internet download speeds, as well as, the more than 70 percent of cell phone users who experience dropped calls at least occasionally.*

The zBoost TRIO line which boosts voice and 4G LTE data includes the zBoost TRIO SOHO™, zBoost TRIO CONNECT™ and zBoost TRIO Xtreme™. The line of products provides a solution to dropped calls and slow data speed inside buildings. The zBoost TRIO models are carrier specific and boost 4G LTE data on Verizon™ or AT&T™ networks, as well as voice and text for all carriers and devices operating on the 800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands.

“The explosive growth and adoption of 4G LTE technology by consumers using smartphones and tablets is driving our move towards true Connected Living,” said Karen Reynolds, president of zBoost. “Recent reports find that 68 percent of consumers’ smartphone use happens at home** making a reliable indoor cell phone signal an important component for making Connected Living a reality.” Continue reading

zBoost Showcases the zBoost TRIO™, a Cell Phone Signal Booster for Voice and 4G Data – A Electronic House Product of the Year

New zBoost TRIO ZB575- ImagezBoost Showcases the zBoost TRIO™, a Cell Phone Signal Booster for Voice and 4G Data

 zBoost TRIO Selected by Electronic House as a Product of the Year

zBoost, a leading provider of consumer cell phone signal booster kits, is showcasing its zBoost TRIO™ line of cell phone signal booster kits at the International CES 2014 in booth 80032, LVCC Gold Lot. Selected by Electronic House as a Product of the Year in the Household Enhancements Accessories Area, the zBoost TRIO line includes the zBoost TRIO SOHO and zBoost TRIO Xtreme, voice and 4G data signal boosters that provide a solution to dropped calls and slow data by boosting both voice and 4G data inside homes and offices. They boost 4G LTE data speed for Verizon and AT&T, as well as voice and data for all carriers and devices operating on the 800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands. The entire line of boosters complies with the new FCC rules that are set to take effect March 1, 2014.

The zBoost TRIO was selected as an Electronic House Product of the Year Award winner under the “Computers, Wireless Networking Devices & Storage” category. The zBoost TRIO, a cell phone signal booster which boosts voice and 4G data for multiple phones simultaneously, was chosen by a panel of distinguished industry leaders along with the editors of Electronic House and CE Pro to join an exclusive group of products deemed the most noteworthy.

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CTIA Recap: zBoost boosts CTIA 2013


The Wi-Ex Sales and PR Team had a busy week at CTIA 2013.  From setting up our “Beware of the Dead Zone” cemetery to launching the new zBoost TRIO unit, our team had a blast.

Here are our top highlights from the show: 

The excitement began with the set up of the zBoost booth at the Sands Conference Center with the “Beware of the Dead Zone” area which featured a Dead Zone cemetery.



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Wi-Ex Launches zBoost TRIO, a Product Finalist in the 2013 CTIA E-Tech Awards


Wi-Ex (www.wi-ex.com), a leading provider of cell phone signal booster kits, announced today the launch of its zBoost TRIO, a 2G, 3G and 4G cell phone signal booster kit.  Showcased May 21 -23 at CTIA 2013 in booth 2225, the zBoost TRIO extends the indoor “cell zone” by boosting voice and data signals for multiple users enhancing the performance of consumers cell phones, smartphones, wireless data card and tablets. The carrier-specific zBoost TRIO cell phone signal booster kit combines 4G LTE or 4G AWS with 2G/3G Cellular and PCS into an easy to install cell phone signal booster kit that enhances signal and reduces dropped calls and choppy voice performance while increasing data speeds by 20 times.

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